The Sweet Savings Diabetes Program…

…is brought to you by your medical benefit plan: the Arizona Local Government Employee Benefit Trust.  A diabetic medical benefit plan member who enrolls in this program will meet with a specially selected and trained pharmacist quarterly at minimum to discuss glucose levels, medication, feet circulation, etc.

By actively participating in this program, the diabetic member will receive all of his/her diabetic medications and testing supplies for FREE ($0 co-pay, PPO members only).

Follow the steps below to enroll in the program:

  1. Print an enrollment packet from, or obtain one from your county Human Resources or Wellness Coordinator/Ambassador.
  2. Complete the packet and return it to:

The Pharmacist Connection
Kristen Davison
Fax 1 (877)279-0201
PO Box 6775
Kingman, AZ  86402

Your enrollment packet will be forwarded to the appropriate pharmacist for your area who will contact you to schedule your initial visit; once you meet with the pharmacist for the first time, your co-pays on all diabetic medications and testing supplies will start being waived.

To remain active in the program and continue to benefit from the co-pay waiver, a participant MUST meet with the chosen pharmacist at least once every three months and complete laboratory tests as requested by his/her physician and pharmacist.