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The Arizona Local Government Employee Benefits Trust

The Arizona Local Government Employee Benefit Trust (AZLGEBT) is an employee benefits consortium that is open to eligible rural Arizona counties.

Formed effective July 1994, the Trust currently has six (6) member counties including Apache, Graham, Greenlee, Gila, La Paz and Santa Cruz.  Each participating entity appoints two (2) Trustees to represent their entity with regards to Trust administration.  Trustees meet on a quarterly basis to collectively administer medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, short-term disability and life insurance benefits for their employee populations.

Over the years, providing affordable health insurance has become a strenuous journey with many hurdles.  The combination of strict budget constraints and rising healthcare costs has forced public entities to find innovative ways to maintain control of benefit costs while simultaneously providing employees competitive benefits.  AZLGEBT provides member entities with a way to maintain a greater degree of control over their employee benefits programs through the benefit of their collectively larger numbers.  Benefits of AZLGEBT membership include:

  • Enhanced financial security resulting from improved spread of risk over the larger group;
  • Enhanced bargaining power when purchasing benefits-related products and services;
  • Lower overhead for plan operations; and
  • The ability to customize program offerings to meet specific needs and desires among the members.

AZLGEBT membership does not cure all that ails the healthcare delivery system in rural Arizona.  However, the Trust’s history has amply demonstrated its ability not merely to survive, but to thrive, over long periods of time and in adverse conditions and to do so to the benefit of those member entities that AZLGEBT exists to serve.

If your public entity is interested in finding out more information about AZLGEBT, or the benefits of a structure similar to this one, contact Erin Collins, AZLGEBT Administrator, at 928-753-4700 ext. 300.